Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pop, Pop, Pop!

SANTA brought our family a popcorn maker this Christmas :o) -not your regular air popcorn maker-but rather a stainless steel, stove-top "Sweet & Easy Snack Machine."  Take a look at this beauty:

 Check out the cute details like the embossed popcorn and the popcorn handle:

 Here's how it opens:
 This is what it looks like inside:

My husband decided that he wanted to make the first batch and of course, when I handed him the instructions, he tossed them aside adding,  "How hard can it be to make popcorn?"  Well, a little harder than he thought, it turned out:  Lots of black popcorn along with a burnt-popcorn-fume-filled house for his efforts (at least he tried, right?)  

My 10yr old son and I dared to try attempt #2.  This time, we followed the simple instructions of combining 1/2 cup kernels and 2 tbsp. oil (we used sunflower oil), and stirring slowly for the entire process (about 3 minutes).  We did this until we only heard an occasional 'pop':

And, just like the instructions promised, after 3 minutes or so, voila:

After adding melted butter and salt, we happily devoured a perfect bowl of delicious popcorn (with only 4 unpopped kernels left at the bottom of the bowl)!

This awesome machine also makes fun snacks and comes with recipes such as, "Cookie Explosion," "Almond Bark Nuts," and "Godfather Popcorn" (made with Italian seasoning). 
I have yet to try any of them, but will post them if I do.

Oh, and the best part (for me) is that as long as it's used for traditional popcorn making only, washing it is not necessary!!  A simple wiping with a paper towel will do :0)

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