Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Welcome! What a gorgeous spring day! My tulips have finally blossomed, although I was somewhat disappointed to find out that I had planted a 'dwarf' variety.  For the last week, I kept wondering why my tulips were taking so long to grow in comparison to the already tall and blossomed tulips I'd been spotting in my neighbourhood.  Well, now I know that they were actually almost fully grown!  Nevertheless, tall or small, they're beautiful and represent Spring in a most cheerful way :))

Being in the great mood that I'm in today, I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce my incredibly talented husband, Jim Wagner.  At the risk of sounding like I'm boasting (although how can I not?), Jim is an amazing caricaturist, who adds SO MUCH FUN to any event that he's asked to come to including birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions, etc. (on top of being a great muralist and graphic design artist).  Here are some examples of his caricatures: 


Not only does Jim cartoon at a variety of events, but he can also create custom invitations for any occasion.  Framed caricatures also make great, unique, personalized gifts that are sure to impress and bring a smile to whoever receives a 'Jim Wagner Original' :)  

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  1. Absolutely amazing! What a great talent :o)